Winds of Change to Empower
Vision, Mission & Values


We aim to become a trusted Wind power provider and accomplish power generation of 1000 MW by 2017 – 18.



We strongly believe that quality is the lifeline of any of power generation venture. Thus, we emphasize on cost-effective windpower generation.



In order to achieve strategic, financial, human resource and technical performance, we have adopted core values like to improve reliability, flexibility, agility and transparency.


At Hetero Windpower, we adhere to the following Core Corporate Values:


Hetero supports all its stakeholders by fulfilling the assurances given and enables them to improve their operational performance.



Our flexible work environment in the long run yields effective results. It is aimed to bring cohesive strength, commitment and camaraderie among our workforce.



We firmly believe that when processes are supported using advanced technologies, they can be delivered in quicker manner. Thus, we conceptualize, design and develop swifter project execution processes.



We develop processes to bring in clarity at all levels of service delivery. Thus, we enable visibility, accountability and control in all our operations. This approach helps us in tracking the major issues, resolving the issues / concerns and improving the processes.


Team that has seen the World?

Hetero Windpower has rich domain experts onboard who mentor the processes involved in analysis, planning, execution, commissioning, support, etc.


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