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Village Location

Tirumalayapalli is a village in Cuddapah district with Latitude of 14.540N and Longitude of 78.110E. It has Altitude of 442 meters.


Windpower Estimates

  • Site specific wind data:
  • Site Elevation:
  • Mean Annual Wind Speed at 20 mt Mast Height 5.28 (m/s))
  • Windpower Density at 50 m 285 (W/m2)

Proposed and Sanctioned Capacity

Hetero Windpower has proposed 90 MW and got approval for 54 MW. Future expansions may take us to 90 MW.



At Tirumalayapalli, we have purchased adequate land from private parties.

Land Type: Hill Area

Elevation: 440 - 460 M

N - 14 53 47.5

E - 78 01 59.9



The technical study is in progress to address the technical viability of the various WTGs different specifications. The selection of WTGs after scientific evaluation will be done at the earliest.



Targeted commissioning of the project:

  • 2012 – 2013 : 30 MW
  • 2013 – 2014 : 24 MW
Team that has seen the World?

Hetero Windpower has rich domain experts onboard who mentor the processes involved in analysis, planning, execution, commissioning, support, etc.


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