Winds of Change to Empower
Social Responsibility

Hetero Windpower firmly believes in adopting processes, procedures and work models that are socially responsible. In continuation to our social responsibility, we adopt the following:


Go Green

At all our areas of operation, we adopt “Go Green” concept to avoid environmental pollution, reduce wastage of resources and maintain the balance of ecosystem.


Community Cultivation

At each of our project site location, we are in the process of acquiring private and revenue lands. We intend to allow farmers from rural communities to cultivate in our lands and make our project sites greener.


Balanced Work Culture

We have established conducive work culture to balance the workers life and growth for our employees.


Corporate Social Responsibiity

At Hetero group, we emphasize on giving back to the society and participating in the community development. We help people who are in need by supporting for their economical upliftment, supporting education and providing healthcare.


Team that has seen the World?

Hetero Windpower has rich domain experts onboard who mentor the processes involved in analysis, planning, execution, commissioning, support, etc.


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